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The rising Pop Rock group have generated massive world wide interest from record labels and fans alike since their “Wake the Sun” EP debuted at #1 on the iTunes charts, their debut single “The Lucky Ones” was added to play list across the TODAY FM and NOVA networks, and their various Twitter hash tags have trended around the world.

In the past 2 years, Little Sea have sold out 3 national Australian tour.


Friends of Little Sea

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Simone Giertz

After going viral online with her useless inventions, the “Queen of Sh*tty Robots” Simone Giertz has signed a global management deal with Be Like Children.

Simone’s “Wake Up Machine” recently featured on The Ellen Show only weeks after she announced that she had joined Adam Savage (Mythbusters) on his new venture at Tested.

“Simone is a brilliant inventor and hilarious on screen and off screen talent, I am so excited to welcome her to the Be Like Children family and can’t wait to announce the big projects we have coming.” Luke Girgis, Director, Be Like Children


Grow My Music is a music education company run by leaders across the music industry, for up and coming musicians and music people wanted to kick start their careers.


What’s that crew called?

‘I Forget, Sorry!’ is the brainchild of Sydney hip-hop’s Chance Waters (Who placed two songs in Triple J’s 2012 Hottest 100), Mind Over Matter (Whose 2014 single Real Life was a Triple J hit and peaked at #8 in the iTunes charts) and their manager Luke Girgis.

What started as simply a means for cross promotion and as a symbol of friendship and collaborative energy, ‘I Forget, Sorry!’ has now evolved into a artist funded record label as well opening a Management, Promotions and Publicity arm.

For more information on the individual members, swing by their websites.


Friends of I Forget, Sorry!


Starting as an artist and song writer, Luke Girgis fell into Artist Management in 2006 out of his passion for helping his friends and fellow collaborators  grow their careers.

Since then, Luke has headed up Australian independent label Shock Records as A&R Director, managed the trust for Michael Hutchence (INXS), run publicity and marketing campaigns for I Forget, Sorry!’s Chance Waters which saw multiple songs placed in Triple J’s hottest 100, and promoted numerous national sold national tours.

Luke operates in total collaboration with his artists and strives to tailor an approach which supports their personality, artistic and personal beliefs. An “always artist first” approach to management complimented by a passion to bridge the gap between fans and the artist is the focus of “Be Like Children”, founded in 2015.

Twitter: @lukegirgis


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